Introduction to Geofarmer

Course Description

GeoFarmer is an App designed to provide farmers with an opportunity to communicate their experiences—be they positive or negative—and learn from each other by asking questions and by sharing how the management of crops, animals, and farms can be improved. GeoFarmer is a tool that can be used as a knowledge library, for data collection, or for efficient monitoring and evaluation of implemented agricultural technologies and practices by farmers.

This course gives an overview of the intended purpose of the application, potential use cases and previous experience of using GeoFarmer in agricultural development projects.

Course Objectives

  • Get to know the GeoFarmer Application. Watch the introduction video and go through the readings list.
  • Getting started with the GeoFarmer app. Learn how to sign up and join a channel, learn about the different user roles and explore the buttons.
  • Use the Geo-enabled survey module for your projects. Understand the role of the Facilitator in making survey interviews with farmers.
  • Explore the collaboration module for knowledge-sharing

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Introduction to GeoFarmer